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Our voice actors bring familiarity and credibility to your product.

Think about how important those two things are to you or your client. The voice reinforces the branding of a product. Sam Elliot brings it to Dodge-Ram trucks. Matthew McConaughey brings it to Lincoln cars and SUVs.

On a local or regional level, it’s even more important to have a consistent reinforcement of a brand. When you hear that voice you immediately know what that product is, even before you hear the message. Advertisements are often slotted together in large commercial blocks with competing businesses. Having recognition beyond your product is crucial.

Our voice actors are all seasoned pros who have been honing their craft for many years. We deliver the proper interpretation and attention to detail that you would expect.

Our talent pool makes a big splash!

You may have noticed that our talent roster isn’t jam-packed with hundreds of voices. (Some studios think having all those names makes their talent pool look deep. We respectfully disagree.) We have paired down our list of voice actors to ease navigation. While still giving you lots of choices for your branding.

DCPG has one of the countries most sought after Spanish voices on staff, as well as one of the top voices from the UK! Our voice actors are heard every day, coast to coast, bringing positive results for hundreds of clients in a variety of industries!

Our Talent Roster extends past what you see here.

Sometimes the voice you want isn’t available in a particular market for whatever reason. When that happens, don’t panic! We have another qualified voice actor ready to go! We work hard to make choosing a voice talent easy by bringing down the number of demos you have to listen to. We also realize that sometimes you want to go in a direction that requires a particular sound. Our studios come equipped with Source Connect, which gives us access to talent worldwide!

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