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The process begins even before we ever see a script. First, we have a conversation about the direction and expectations of the project.

Once a client has finalized their script they will email it to us. It will get reviewed and checked for continuity. This crucial step will reduce things that may slow down the actual production process. When the script checks out it is then assigned to one of our audio producers and voiceover talents. Each script is actually printed on paper. Our producers and actors make notes and underline words that need extra emphasis. They keep the script right in front of them while working on the commercial.

After the vocal gets recorded, the producer will choose the best read or “take” of each line. Then we begin assembling the voice track in Pro Tools. The trick is making everything fit in the allotted time while not sounding rushed.

When the vocal track is perfect the sound effects are then brought in. These can be anything from wind chimes to people cheering, to the rev of an engine. Every sound effect we use at DCPG is either Royalty Free or licensed to us.

Music is the final element. Just like our sound effects, the music we use is licensed for each market a commercial will air.

The producer will fine tune the final product. We might shift the voice elements to create space for musical emphasis. Or, we may adjust the sound effects to highlight something or to bring a boldness to a commercial. The parts are all equalized and processed. We make sure they all work in harmony and to ensure the vocal track gets heard loud and clear.

The finished product is then mixed down to an AIF, WAV or MP3 file and is ready for broadcast or streaming.

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